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As far as Peter's own favourites are concerned, he had a special place in his heart for The Regent Theatre in Poole as this was where he met Pat, an usherette who he would come to call "Queenie" after marrying her in 1955. He also had very fond memories of the Rex in Wareham and the Tivoli in Wimborne. On the screen, he loved classic comedies such as Oh Mr Porter and the Titfield Thunderbolt and occasionally admitted to having a ‘soft spot’ for Ingrid Bergman and Judy Garland !

The book cover links to a gallery showing a small selection of the photographs obtained during the research for the book. As far as can be ascertained, all the photographs are free from restriction of use. However, anyone who wishes to take advantage of the digital images from the material gathered by Peter and Pat Dyson may wish to make a donation to the Leukaemia Research Fund - higher resolution images are available on request to Ron Dyson.



As well as his interest in Dorset cinemas, Peter’s childhood memories of life on the Wareham-Swanage branch line before and after the Second World War, led to the publication of a number of fascinating stories in local papers and regional magazines.

He was also passionate about gramophones and early recordings on both cylinder and 78rpm discs. This passion led to him amassing a huge collection of various recordings and a fascinating array of memorabilia. Consequently, Pat and Peter gave presentations and demonstrations at clubs, societies and public venues all around the Bournemouth area, which prompted regular features in the local newspapers.

For more information on Peter, data gathered during the research into Dorset cinemas, further photographic material and other related topics, please call Ron Dyson (son) on 01308 485707, Angela Ferguson (daughter) on 018692 78212 or email